söndag 9 oktober 2016

Upphittad: Gammal tidning

Har någon som gått längs Sjundbyvägen av misstag tappat sin tidning? Fås av mig mot förklaring till hur den låg i diket! Det är fråga om Hufvudstadsbladet, 7.2.1983.

Statistik gjord för hand på millimeterpapper, coolt!


Let's start with a sea picture from Kirkkonummi, it is from a colleague's summer place at Porkala, Sep 2nd.

The next day was "Sjundeå-dagen", the day of Siuntio, and this is the closest you come to a Belgian style carnival in Sjundeå. But it is approx 95% smaller.

A ride in a fire engine - that is cool!

The following picture is from Turku, where I attended a course.

3D printed objects.

My car is ready, but unfortunately not working the way I wished.

A walk in Turku. Lots of geese.

The kids created an exhibition with all the puzzles they played with.

Falling asleep position.

Saga went shopping alone, for the first time. She wanted plums, but got home with...

...dates! She can't read yet.

A nice Saturday we went to my parents potato field to help harvesting.

And since we found worms, we went fishing. We caught no fish.

The next day, we needed beetroots. A very calm day, the lake behind is still.

Then we went to Helsinki, first to Nicke and then to a birthday party.

Here I went with pupils. We are in Kasnäs, a beautiful place.

Tiny grass snake.

During a walk, we found an old newspaper. Yes, really old, from 1983! I can put some bigger pictures in another blog post.

The next day we went to a food market in Ingå.

And the same day also a visit to my grandmother. Mushroom picking!

Picture above is taken by Saga. We are stopping to have a snack on our way back from the spa in Sjundeå, where we went swimming.

This week was the first week I had to scrape the car.

Yesterday we had a very nice run/walk with Jens, just the two of us.